Why your cellphone is low charging?

Many people don't understand why his/her phone is low charging.

There are many factors responsible of slow charging of your phone, I highlight the most common ones.

  1. Use the right cable. Use high quality cables with thicker wire gauge that have proper shielding. Make sure that the cable connectors are robust. Pay particular attention to cable construction when selecting cables longer than one meter. 
  2. Get a new charger. If you have already applied a high quality cable and it’s still charging slowly, try to replace the charger. Avoid using multi-purpose chargers that come with universal connectors.
  3. Avoid using wireless charging, charging from laptop or PC. Wireless charging is slower, so as charging from PC and laptop, the USB ports on PC are designed to transfer data, not enough current would be provided.
  4. Leave your phone alone. Don’t use your phone while charging and turn off the unnecessary apps, wifi, Bluetooth and GPS.
  5. Change the OS version. If you got your phone’s operating system updated recently, the slow charging may be an effect of incompatibility, try to downgrade the version or search for an official bug fix patch.
  6. Replace the battery. If the battery is removable, try to replace it if all the steps above failed. If your phone is older than 1 year hence the battery is probably dying, get a new battery from the original equipment manufacturer.