Foscam Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera

Foscam Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera

Having the best security camera for your home will give you peace of mind when you are not at home. A smart security camera records videos and sends an alert message to your phone when motion is detected. Home security cameras are affordable, self-installed, and come in weatherproof designs that can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

With so many options on the market -- indoor, outdoor, wireless, DIY -- it can feel daunting to find a perfect match for the camera system you have in mind. But don't worry, we're here to help you find the best device for the job.


Best security camera overall: Foscam Cam

 FOSCAM Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera

Top Features of Dome Security Cameras

  • Incredible Image Quality. 1080p at 25fps brings real 1080p smooth video experience thanks to powerful Ambarella chipset
  • Superb Outdoor/Night Use, Night vision range up to 196 ft
  • Security Matters. Detect movement and send notification to you through Email or smartphone App
  • Foscam Cloud use US-based AWS server that is of high-level encrypted security and privacy protection
  • Easy setup via iOS and Android devices by free Foscam App. Comes with Foscam VMS (Video Management Software), compatible with third party VMS Blue Iris & ONVIF recording devices, compatible with IE, Chrome, Firefox browsers
  • Works with Alexa . Instant live view the camera on echo show with simple voice command

Modern life and work pulls us all in a million different directions.

With the Foscam FI9928P, you can pull everything together, in one place - check in on your front gate or porch, backyard, driveway, shed, storefront, parking lot, loading dock, even your construction site, right in the palm of your hand.

IP66 weatherproofing ensures that the FI9928P keeps recording without damage or interruption in rain, sleet, or snow. Instant access and remote viewing by mobile app means that you never have to wonder again if your property is safe: juggling life's responsibilities just got a lot easier.

The FI9928P is more than a security camera.

We've made security both simpler and more versatile than ever before: stay connected to what you care about and never let an important event slip by, no matter where you are.

Your video is securely streamed in stunning 1080P detail, making it feel like you're there. Receive alerts with our app - you'll know when someone is right on your doorstep - and respond to events as they happen. Our recording choices also let you preserve footage how you want, when you want. Local storage is free (no monthly fees).

Reliability, value, and intelligence are our gold standards.

Foscam wouldn't be an internationally recognized brand in security, for over 10 years running, if we didn't understand that reliability, value, and intelligence are all three necessary for making an outstanding security camera.

The FI9928P features enhanced night vision (up to 196 feet) and is equipped with highly sophisticated optical zoom (magnifies up to 4X). Say goodbye to straining and guessing at blurry, grainy, or poorly illuminated scenes: you'll enjoy crisp, well illuminated footage in true 1080P HD. Our smart alert and motion technology even avoids false alarms (e.g. plants swaying in wind).

True 1080P HD video quality.

Foscam always uses top materials to build products on security. The result is a truly professional HD 1080P stream thanks to Ambarella chipset offering incredible density of detail at a value that is unrivaled in the home security market. The amazing optical zoom clarity (4x) captures more details for your care. The most headache problem of camera is the image distortion flaws but this issue was resolved on this FI9928P with our image distortion correction tech.

Ingress Protection 66 Weatherproofing.

Unlike cameras with plastic housing and seals, which may malfunction during storms or deform and lose their protection, the FI9928P has a tough aluminum shell. It is built to perform in severe weather without damage, interruption, or footage loss, and the ingress protection 66 standard is rated for protection against heavy rain, sleet, and snow. With our unrivaled 1 Year Quality promise on outdoor models, you can rest assured that they are made to outlast any hazard that nature throws at them.

See through total darkness.

Night vision is one of the areas where higher quality hardware makes the most difference. The FI9928P's enhanced night vision uses high-intensity IR LEDs that illuminate details in crisp, clear night vision up to 196 feet away. Functions such as app push alerts and smart motion detection especially benefit from better night vision: the alerts are more sensitive and relevant, and this advantage is further enhanced by an intuitive app interface for customizing your motion sensitivity and alert settings.

Store your record in multiple ways

We believe in offering a full suite of storage options. You can send and store video by FTP, absolutely free, and we even support NVRs (not included), NAS, and local hard drive recording. Our affordable Foscam Cloud service is also available to safeguard your footage from theft or damage by recording it to our secure Cloud. Freely record and play the last 7 day’s motion triggered recordings on Foscam Cloud as a trail(1 month validity).

Be there, even when you're not.

- See your cameras in realtime on your smartphone.

- View recorded Cloud footage with convenient search and scan functions.

- Schedule recordings, configure alerts, and pan/tilt/zoom right from your mobile.

- Enjoy 24/7 access using our beautifully designed App, free with your camera.

Get only the alerts you care about.

- Smart motion detection is seamlessly integrated to your phone.

- You can receive push alerts any time relevant motion is detected.

- Custom motion sensitivity settings tailor the alerts to your camera's environment.

- Sound alerts can also detect events around or behind the camera's visual range (e.g. a baby crying or window breaking).

Secure Cloud access over the web.

- Freely record and play the last 7-day’s motion triggered recordings on Foscam Cloud(1 month validity). Longer time cloud storage subscription plan is also available with competitive price.

- Easily scan your Cloud footage with 24/7 access and unrivaled affordability.

- Quickly find and download any recording you're looking for.

- Offsite storage protects recordings against any footage loss that could result from damage such as fire, or theft of the came


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