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Foscam Cloud Service Yearly Plans

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Yearly Plans

About this item

Foscam Cloud Service Code ONLY, delivered within 24 hours by Email Monday to Friday.
Use The Code To Activate Your Cloud Service Within The Foscam App.
✅One cloud service code only applies to one camera. Cloud service does not support intelligent identification.Please select the camera you want to use in the cloud service during the activation process.

The Primary Features Of Cloud Service:

  • Personal alerts notification: Get an alert capture notification when the Foscam camera see an alert that happens
  • Cloud alert captures and video history: Save all alert captures and video clips for 3/7/15/30 days in the cloud
  • Cloud video history playback: Quickly find the moments you are looking for anywhere, anytime
  • Higher performance security: With encrypted security, you can be sure your videos and alert messages stay safe

What is the refund policy and procedure for FOSCAM Cloud? 

Foscam provides a refund for a subscribed cloud service plan that is an invalidity period.
For the monthly plan, our refund policy will automatically credit you for the remaining unused portion (days) of the monthly plan. If you decide to request a refund please contact Foscam before the service ends.
For the annual plan, our refund policy will automatically credit you for the remaining unused portion (days) of the annual plan if you request a refund within 6 months after subscribing to the service. Service already used for 6 months or above is non-refundable.
Please email Foscam support directly to submit your refund request together with the order number and reason. Our customer service representative will assist you shortly.
Note: Some users might get charged for the international fees due to bank card level or credit card issuing bank policy while fulfilling the payment for could service. Such an international fee is not charged by Foscam, please consult with your card issuing bank directly.
  • Free Shipping

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Hassle-Free Warranty

  • Lifetime Customer Support

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