Will my package be charged customs duties and taxes?

We ship all of our products directly from our warehouses in the USA to your home, we will handle the payment of taxes and duties and will include this pre-calculated amount in your total price during checkout.

The taxes and duties are calculated based on the standard rates set by the destination country’s customs. At times, the actual import fees might vary slightly from our calculations for various reasons. If this is the case and the actual charge exceeds our calculation, we will always bear the difference. However, if the amount charged ends up being less than the costs incurred, we will not reimburse the differences.

How many items can I buy in one order?

You can checkout a maximum of 10 units per item, which is limited to one unit per checkout only. If you need more cameras, please contact us.

Can I amend my order once the order is being processed?

We package your products very soon after the order is placed which means your order cannot be amended once the status of your order has changed to “order processing”. This includes changing the delivery method, payment method, shipping address, color/quantity of items, or applying a discount.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to accept the parcel?

If you do not accept or sign the package when it’s delivered to your address, we will ship the package back to our USA company. Please note that you’ll be responsible for the return shipping fees. According to our delivery partners, the international shipping cost of a single parcel can be very high.

If you don’t want the parcel any more, it’s recommended to accept your parcel and then apply return service instead of rejecting it. For more information on our return policies, please contact the email at

Do I need to pay immediately after the order is placed?

You have 2 days to make payment after your order is placed. After 2 days, your order will be canceled.