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Foscam's G2 Security Camera and WiFi Extender Set Bundle:

The Perfect Monitoring Solution For Long-Range Use
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Rising Animal Crimes Pose Long-Range Monitoring Challenges

Stay Connected to Your Animals and Don't Leave Them Vulnerable to Harm

Crimes against animals have been on the rise. We decided to do something about it by creating a special set bundle that solves the challenges of remotely guarding animals from long-range. FBI data on animal cruelty paints a discouraging picture and livestock crimes have been growing. These attacks are both tragic and costly. For example, in Eddy County, NM losses from just a single incident were estimated at $17,000-20,000 (source: Eddy County Sherrif's Office). The cattle had been shot with high-powered rifles. Not butchered for meat, but just killed senselessly.

Number of animal cruelty incidents reported has nearly tripled

(source: FBI UCR, NIBRS, 2016-2017)

Livestock crimes in particular grew across the Southwest

(source: Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association)

Recent Attacks Around Our Own City, Houston

Horses Also Grotesquely Targeted

We learned that livestock and barn animals need surveillance protection after a series of grisly attacks in June 2020. Three horses were mutiliated in little over a month in West Harris County. This hit close to home, because our US office is in the Houston metro area. The heartbroken owners and authorities believe that the horses were targeted for their meat (source: Fox26 Houston, June 30 2020). Unemployment, social unrest, and human desperation in the post-COVID economy also pose a threat to animals.

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Similar horse killings are appearing across the United States

(source: "Why are people killing horses? Brutal deaths extend beyond Kentucky," Courier Journal, 2-24/2020)

Such crimes may increase in the post-COVID economy

(source: "Theft threat to livestock and poultry caused by perceive food shortages," The Poultry Site, 3-24-2020)

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Part 1 of Our Solution for Protecting Your Animals and Property

HD Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras with AI Human Detection and Smartphone Alerts

Our weatherproof G2 cameras use artificial intelligence for human-only motion detection. You can receive alerts straight to your phone (iOS and Android) on the Foscam app when human movement occurs in view, while ignoring motions of animals and objects such as trees in wind. You can even set custom schedules, e.g. to arm alerts only during hours that you're away from the barn or pasture. Each camera is viewable live on the app any time you have WiFi or cellular data service (recommended internet speed for two cameras on your WiFi network: upload/download of at least 512kbps).

Also fun as a pet cam: look in on your animals when you're not around, and show them off to others

(In addition to viewing live, record and review footage via SD card, or Foscam Cloud, which uses secure AWS servers)

Two G2 cameras are included in this bundle, along with our barn range tested WiFi Extender

(You can therefore have one inside your barn or stable, and one outside, for example to guard the entrance)

Part 2 of Our Solution for Protecting Your Animals and Property

WiFI Range Extender for Using Cameras in Your Barn or Stable Up to 800ft Away

Simply put the WiFi range extender up against the wall of your home that is facing or nearest toward your barn or stable. Your home WiFi signal will then be able to work with your security cameras when they are placed up to 800ft away (even if the cameras are inside your barn and are receiving WiFi through its outer wall). The cost to remotely surveil two locations, using two smart HD cameras at this long range, would normally be higher. We've also taken the guesswork out of factoring barn and stable wall penetration into the usable distance range of these 1080P HD cameras when combining them with a WiFi extender that is powerful enough to get the job done.

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Foscam Has a Proven Track Record with Over





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