Best cheap outdoor security devices for 2023

Best cheap outdoor security devices for 2023

Home security is important year-round, but the associated costs can add up quickly. Security equipment of all kinds gets cheaper by the day, though, including detectors, lights, contact sensors and other systems that don't require professional installation. And that means you can keep your house and everything in it safe without too much financial commitment.

While we're talking affordable deterrence, it might be worth considering dummy cameras as part of your home security kit. Especially for larger properties, where you want your home security system to cover a lot of ground without breaking the bank, fake security cameras can make your house look like a locked-down compound at an affordable price. 

Foscam G4 can help keep an eye on your house when you're away, which is the wallet-friendliest smart Wi-Fi camera. This home security camera offers free person-alerts to your Foscam app, 1 month free 14 days of cloud storage and an SD card slot if you want continuous recording. G4 outdoor camera security device includes weatherproof housing, sharper night vision, a wider field of view and more.

Foscam G4 home security system is ridiculously cheap, which costs $80 for 2 units -- plenty of devices for an apartment. You can also get a year of professional cloud service for $25. In short, G4 is a solid system with a really appealing price tag -- and it's cheaply and easily scalable for a variety of apartment or home sizes (adding a camera, for instance, will set you back as little as $30).

Top Features of G4 Bullet Security Cameras

Real 2K @25 fps Video Solution

Full HD 2K resolution at 25 fps powered by a Smart chipset. Clearly watch a video stream.

7-Day Free Cloud Storage Included

7 Days of recorded storage trial is included for free with your camera. Easily view your Cloud footage with 24/7 access and unrivaled affordability wherever you are.

Offsite storage protects recordings against footage loss stored locally like on an SD card or NVR that could result from fire or camera theft damage.

110° View Angle & 66ft Night Vision Range

G4 bullet camera could even cover up your entire porch and garden due to its large 110° view angle. And its night vision ranges up a 66ft thanks to 30 pcs of high-quality IR-LED.

IP66 Waterproof

IP 66 waterproof rating design keeps it protected in rain or dust,with operating temperatures up to 140℉ and as low as 4℉.

Motion Detection Available

Advanced algorithm will detect moving objects or sound, and send notification alert to your E-mail. With the pre-installed 8-hour free cloud plan activated, you will get the captured movement picture on the APP in time.

Mulitiple Storage Methods Supported

SD card(not included,up to 128G.Supports FAT32 Format SD card Only. You can format SD with the tool on our official website), ftp and other local storage methods are supported.

Playback the latest 8-hour’s motion triggered recordings on Foscam Cloud as a trail (European GEPR certificated for protection of Privacy)

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