Electronic Eyes Can Be Vandalized. Don't Be Surprised. Improvise.

The obvious solution for any criminal wanting to remain unseen in the presence of cameras is to destroy or disable the cameras. Imagine spending money on a surveillance system to protect valuable goods and then losing not only the goods, but also the investment in the system.

The main vulnerabilities of standard cameras are the lenses and the housing, which can be destroyed by blunt force trauma, e.g. from a thief or delinquent throwing large rocks, or if they're able to reach with the help of a ladder or some other tool, beating on the device with a crowbar.

In the past, businesses sometimes skirted the costs of vandal-proof cameras to regret it later, but our new generation of cameras is very affordable. The HT2 camera has a high-quality 4X optical zoom lens and is fully pan/tilt capable for only $169.99.

The 1080P resolution of the HT2 is vivid and clear, but if you would like even higher resolution and plan to install the camera in a high-risk area such as a mall, storage facility, alleyway, or busy public street, then your best option would be a 2K vandal-proof camera and we have just released the VZ4 this year at only $119.99.

In addition to 2K super HD (4MP), the VZ4 has dual band and pan/tilt with digital zoom. What makes the VZ4 resistant to vandalism is an extremely strong shell that protects the lens against damage from blunt force, and casing that is designed to be nearly impossible to dismantle in an unauthorized manner. The camera is of course also weatherproof, but it can actually be used very suitably in both indoor and outdoor environments.

If you haven't installed cameras to protect your property or business, we recommend taking a look at the Urban Center's study of camera effectiveness. Using a form of time series analysis known as structural break analysis, their research found that downtown Baltimore experienced a nearly 25% reduction in crime after the installation of cameras. ("Evaluating the Use of Public Surveillance Cameras for Crime Control and Prevention" pp. 33). Interestingly, the Urban Center's research also found that people in the past had mixed feelings about cameras being installed where they congregate, but in modern times they are proactively asking for cameras to be installed and prefer to have them around because this makes them feel safer.

If you currently have installed standard outdoor cameras in an area with high value targets for thieves or a lot of pedestrian traffic, on the other hand, you should consider upgrading to vandal-proof models. Using standard cameras in public areas or those that are target-rich for theft of high value goods is a disaster waiting to happen, so we're very happy to have launched an affordable and full-featured vandal-proof model with the VZ4 to help address this need. It's worth upgrading for the peace of mind that after making the investment to keep an eye on important areas, your investment and the areas you're protecting are both secure against intentional damage by malicious actors. For more information about the features of the VZ4, you can check out the product page here.